F & Q

Why should I teach in China?

TEFL/TESOl is an excellent way to delve into the rich Chinese culture, see extraordinary places, learn another language and meet amazing people, all at a low cost.

China needs trained, native English teachers, plain and simple. That makes you a hot commodity, thus giving you the terrific opportunity to explore China and experience its rich culture. With our CTC program, you can do just that.

We’ll handle all of the details and offer around the clock support in order to ensure that your time in China is stress-free and 100% rewarding. Once in China, you will take a one-week landing course at an esteemed university. This course will help to prepare you for life in China, and will also connect you with other teachers in the CTC program. After the course, you’ll start your true adventure as an apprentice English teacher in China.

Do I qualify?

If you are over the age of 18 and are TEFL/TESOL certified, then you are eligible to teach in China through our program. If you’re not certified, we have you covered, either through our Chinese training program or through courses with one of our English training partner s. For more details, check out the “How do I become certified” question.

How do I become certified?

There are two ways, depending on what you prefer:

1) You can participate in our 4-week TEFL training course in China, which is followed by a 5

-month teaching internship.

2) You can take the TEFL/TESOL training course with one of our partner training schools abroad. These schools offer online courses, as well, for those of you who can’t attend a physical class.

Am I guaranteed a teaching internship placement?

Most likely, yes. Our teaching interns are required to hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate, so as long as you attend classes regularly and make an effort to learn how to teach English as a foreign language, then the chances are very high that you’ll receive your certification. Once you have that, you’re golden and are guaranteed a teaching internship.

Where in China will I teach?

In large part, this depends on where you want to teach. We have partners in the major Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Nanjin, Wuxi, etc… We also can place teachers in more rural settings, if that’s the type of environment you prefer.

Is it possible to learn Chinese while I teach English?

Of course! We’ll even set up the lessons for you! We work with an esteemed language institute in Beijing, which offers small classes and personalized attention, giving you the most for your money.

What are the teaching internship durations?

Your teaching internship will last five (5) months.

When is the application deadline?

You can submit an application anytime throughout the year, but because our teachers follow the Chinese academic school year, we have two offer two annual intakes for applicants. This means that for a certain academic semester, your application must be submitted by a specified deadline.

Tentative timeline:

  1. Application deadline: August
  2. Application deadline:

In which currency do I need to make TEFL/TESOL program my payment to HongFeiEdu?

We accept payments in both U.S. Dollars ($), Euros (€), British Pound (£).

Do I need to know Mandarin?

You sure don’t. While knowledge of Mandarin will be an asset and a huge help for you in China, it’s not essential for your teaching internship.

What kind of school will I teach in?

We will try to place you in a school that fits with your criteria, which we are able to do thanks to our large network of English teaching schools in China. The levels range from children to adults, and include kindergarten, private English training institutes, primary schools, middle schools, colleges, and universities.

Some of our partner schools include:

What will my teaching duties entail?

Your daily internship duties will vary depending on your placement school. Here is a general overview of what you might expect.

  • Effectively teach English to Chinese students
  • 15 face-to-face teaching hours (in a 35-hour week)
  • Prepare teaching materials and lessons before class starts each day
  • Attend mandatory school meetings
  • Participate in after-school activities and events

Will I need to bring my own supplies?

You surely don’t. Your school will provide you with everything you need to successfully teach an English class.

Will I be offered a fulltime job after the teaching internship?

It’s very likely that you, as a teacher, would be offered to stay on with your school once your internship has concluded. However, we cannot guarantee this, as it’s ultimately up to the school and how well you perform during the internship phase.

Will I be paid?

You will be paid an allowance of 2,000 RMB per month for the duration of your internship.

What service can I expect once arriving?

This is completely up to you. We offer three packages, along with a customization approach to our services. Every intern receives our basic services of an internship placement with a top company, along with an array of complimentary services. For a detailed list, please view the appropriate packages page.

We vow that no matter the size of your chosen package, we will provide optimum service to ensure the success of your internship.

Where will I live?

Your school will provide you with accommodation for the duration of your internship. If you are signing up to take the TEFL training course in China, then you will spend your first four weeks in a luxury serviced apartment in Beijing, alongside other teachers in training.