China Internship



China Internship Program, a cultural and talent exchange project is operated independently by Hongfei Education Ltd., and is designed to provide excellent overseas Interns to domestic enterprises. CIP can not only meet the needs of enterprises which are looking for international professionals, but also offer a range of support services to ensure the satisfaction of both parties.


Those services are related to internship, accommodation, life style, visa issues and so on. Interns we provide are from Europe and the United States, and have both good educational background and rich professional knowledge. Besides the mandarin training, comprehensive orientation will also be provided to familiarize themselves with surroundings and China. It is believed that the Interns’ professionalism, vitality and innovation can present your business a new value.


China Internship Program can not only broaden the scope of recruitment for Chinese employers, but also provide international experience exchange and development opportunities for those enterprises interested in exploring overseas markets. At present, our Host Companies cover many internationally renowned multinational corporations and various fast-growing small and medium enterprises as well.