Teachers trek mt kosciuszko to raise money depression relief

Teachers trek mt kosciuszko to raise money depression relief

The school district’s superintendent says he doesn’t believe the money raised could pay for everything.


The U.S. economy added just over 100,000 jobs in March, according to a Gallup poll. In Washington’s school district, about 80 percent of all new jobs go to black students.

Teachers who run the school district in suburban Bethesda face a tough choice: Cut school programs or sell some of their excess property to fund increased education funding.

Mary Ann White has spent more than 12 years with the school district. She says the district doesn’t really care about the students, either. “I understand the desire to see their children thrive. I care about their education,” White says, “but I don’t want to cut our program for kids who can’t afford to go to the next school.”

Teachers have also raised about $200,000 on Kickstarter, though not without some hesitation.

Dalton Wilson is one of the people raising money for a charter school in Columbia Falls, Ill., where a teacher named Angela Williams started the campaign. “The idea was to do something positive in our community, and I’m more of a traditionalist that I really believe in educating our kids the right way.”

Instead, more than 60 percent of a project that would fund about 12 schools is earmarked for schools already funde바카라사이트d by the state. So far, some 1,500 students from more than 15 schools have paid to attend, while other students have received free tutoring.

But the district doesn’t want to sell most of its property to raise money. “I was excited when we got to go and see the school,” says Black, the district superintendent.

And the district isn’t going to let those students become more like the people who run the school’s website. The district has created a $10 million state matching fund to help it find students who can qualify for special education in the future, and the district says it will take money from the state money and use it to help fund special needs kids’ educations. “We don’t want to stop serving people,” Wilson says. “But we’re making the program that we need to.”

Teachers aren’t the only ones frustrated by the lack of access to extra education funding for black students. Las바카라사이트t week, the New York Times detailed바카라사이트 a $20 million fund that will help black students for a year while the distric